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Los Hongos Regarder Film Streaming Gratuitment

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An impending unemployed graffiti craftsman actually paints the town red in the opening scene of Los hongos, the offbeat if slight directorial presentation of Colombian author chief Oscar Ruiz Navia. This wandering story of two adolescents in Cali who hang out, label and paint the dividers and afterward hang out some more is high on air, makes them intrigue if not generally very much incorporated anthropological points of interest and components two completely naturalistic exhibitions, however it at long last feels excessively irrelevant and purposeless, making it impossible to leave a lot of an imprint. After its Locarno world debut, a sprinkling of celebration welcomes ought to take after.

Los hongos (which truly signifies "The Mushrooms") opens on Jovan Alexis (Jovan Alexis Marquinez Angulo), who has moved to the huge city with his religious and strict however unmistakably cherishing mother (Angela Garcia) from a little dark group on the Pacific coast, (for example, the ones found in Navia's first component, Crab Trap, and Jhonny Hendrix Hinestroza's Choco). By day Jovan meets expectations at a development site, however he's terminated when his bosses figure out he takes home paint from the site for his genuine energy, graffiti and divider artistic creations.

Tellingly, however his mom demands the significance of an occupation, the marvelous and reflective adolescent doesn't appear to be all that worried about having lost his vocation.

Jovan Alexis, who passes by the epithet Ras (likewise his tag), is best buds with (Calvin Buenaventura), who originates from a working class white family and who ostensibly learns at the city's School of Expressive arts, however basically, when he's not out on the town with Ras, he hangs out at the home of his weak grandma (Atala Estrada). Calvin's guardians are separated; he converses with his Mother on Skype and sometimes drops in on his earlier celebrated singing father (Gustavo Ruiz Montoya). Neither appears to be especially keen on what their child is doing, however its unmistakable from his affinity with granny that he wants adoration and fondness.

Interestingly, while Ras and Calvin originate from inverse foundations, Navia doesn't underline their disparities or their similitudes and its not by any means clear how the two, who live in distinctive neighborhoods, got to be companions. Rather, Sofia Oggioni Hatty's free camera just chases after the heroes, which brings about a progression of semi-associated scenes with no genuine story stream, as Ras and Calvin float starting with one spot and occasion then onto the next. This gives the film a loose, semi-ad libbed and sometimes verging on narrative like feel.

Jovan likewise hangs out at Calvin's grandma's, sporadically notwithstanding resting over, and there's a minute in the film where one practically expects they'll rest together for need or something to that affect of activity. Rather, the couple gaze upward online features of the late uprising in Egypt for motivation for an ambiguously characterized wall painting task. Since decision promoting has likewise prominently overflowed the city dividers where Ras makes the legislators countenances vanish under red paint and television screens, there's a sense there's a more extensive political connection out there, however in genuine bum manner, Ras and Calvin are rocker activists, best case scenario, searching for something they can fitting to keep their work from being totally without importance.

Thus, the diverse team of taggers and craftsmen they at long last fall in with indicated in a long and amazing following shot discuss being "against Babylon" without generally constantly appearing to do anything unmistakably political; their most direct activity is to fill dividers they don't claim with sprinkles of shading. Strangely, when, inexorably, the police show up, Navia, who co-composed the film with Cesar Augusto Acevedo, concentrates not on the young men but rather on fringe figures likewise display at the scene.

There's consequently no genuine paste that holds the whole film together. A superbly watched scene, for example, an a-cappella tune sung by Ras' mom with some of her lady friends, or an expanded arrangement at Sunday Church where a political hopeful makes a stop, convey fascinating if minor bits of understanding into life in Colombia (or Cali specifically), yet don't serve any bigger story needs. Navia is doubtlessly making a point about how capricious these youths appear to be floating through life, yet with a film so downplayed and directionless itself, it turns out to be difficult to truly think about what does or, as the case may b

About Los Hongos

Artist : Jovan Alexis Marquinez, Calvin Buenaventura, Atala Estrada, Gustavo Ruiz Montoya, Maria Elvira Solis, Dominique Tonnelier, Angela Garcia
As : Secret
Title : Los Hongos Regarder Film Streaming Gratuitment
Release date : 2015-05-27
Movie Code : 3907102
Duration : 103
Category : Drama, Family, Social

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Los Hongos

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Comment For Los Hongos Full Movie With Greek Subtitles

Angelica Kipas Comment Los HongosName : Angelica Kipas / Alias : Columbian Teacher
They are yearning graffiti craftsmen. I'd effectively watched a narrative about graffiti specialists around the globe including Latin America at a film celebration two or three years back. This motion picture is as genuine as a narrative however it is a show. Days in the life of a few decent gentlemen in some of the time agreeable and once in a while perilous world. I saw this at a college film arrangement and there was a Columbian teacher there giving a presentation and Q&A about this film. He was extremely amped up for this film.
Bruce Two Comment Los HongosName : Bruce Two / Alias : Imdb
This is the story of two 20 something young men in Cali Columbia today. They are aspiring graffiti artists. I'd already watched a documentary about graffiti artists around the world including Latin America at a film festival a couple years ago. This movie is as real as a documentary but it is a drama. Days in the life of a couple of nice guys in sometimes friendly and sometimes dangerous world. I saw this at a university film series and there was a Columbian professor there giving an introduction and Q&A about this film. He was very excited about this film. And he also pointed out it's allusions to Columbian film history which I know nothing about but found very interesting. Guess I can't come up with the right words to tell you what a great and fun and natural and affirming movie this is. It's about youth culture, but with characters who care deeply about their mothers and grandmothers. It's about street culture but not about drug dealers or gun battles. It even has a couple sex scenes it it, but these are more true to being young than to being hyped up wish fulfillment. And it is not a nostalgic or idealistic or condescending movie. It ends on a note of hope, humor and affirmation. I saw it with subtitles translating the Spanish dialog.

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